Switching Back

Our company has a long standing tradition of supplying our employees and customers with Fanestil gift packages. They continue to be a hit year after year. We decided to switch one year and try something different. It didn’t take us long to switch back and stay with Fanestils.

– Cameron Roth
Lawrence Paper Co.
Lawrence, KS

Fanestils Commended

We commend Fanestils for the excellent manner in which you handled our recent order. Not only do you provide a superior product, your customer service is outstanding. We currently have over 1150 employees at 11 locations and getting our order of Party Time Hams to each employee is no small task. You go the extra mile to ensure the order is appropriately packaged and delivered timely, and accurately to each location. I congratulate you on a job well done.

– Julie Rowe
Great Plains Mfg.
Salina, KS

Great Pleasure

It has been a great pleasure working with Fanestil Meats the past several holiday seasons. The Bone-In Hams you furnish us have an absolutely fantastic flavor and all our employees look forward to receiving the ham to serve to their families during the holidays. Your cooperation during delivery, having the refrigerated truck at our facility so we can hand out the hams to each individual at the end of their shift, makes this more of a personal gift. Thanks for all you do.

-Tom Mersman
Taylor Forge
Paola, KS